Consent is a failed regulatory approach, especially (but not only) in data protection law.

It’s prevailing is the direct result of stakeholders being painfully ignorant to the fact that consent requires control.

This control is a privilege of few. Consent favours the powerful.

Am I reading too much into the picture showing women are "Successful People" and men are "unsuccessful people"?

I am a robot - must be a blue city.

No one would be lint rollering me 😂

This is why we are having big problems

when i see those arrows on the floor in the store and people all wearing masks i remember the Milgram Experiment

More education BS.

Grade 11 academic English (University Prep) is being replaced - yes replaced by Contemporary First Nations, Métis & Inuit Voices. This apparently isn't just happening in a handful of schools = nope entire school boards across Ontario are jumping on the bandwagon.

This is in response to recommendations by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

It's not part of the course - but the whole shebang.

People keep on trying to justify the actions of dems (I am an ex dem):

1. They're brainwashed
2. Information is suppressed
3. Thy mean well

Sorry I don't see any of the above. IMO they are willfully trying to shut down free speech/dissent.

Which is Illiberal - half the battle is accepting the truth and stop making excuses for people

The write articles like this and thing you'll buy it: (btw nice SEO grammar WaPo):

It seems the country was conducting over 2 million tests per day leading up to the presidential election and now that Dementia Joe is in the White House, they are only doing 1.3 million tests per day, a 35% reduction. Why would that be the case? Didn’t Basement Biden say they would be ramping up testing?

The day Sleepy Joe took office, the WHO announced that the PCR levels on testing should be reduced in order to capture less false positives.

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